Goodness Pictures Ltd. is the production company behind I, Migrant.

The Co-Founders of Goodness Pictures Ltd., Alex Sangha and Vinay Giridhar, worked on two other films with Sher Vancouver which is a registered charity in Canada prior to I, Migrant. Sher Vancouver’s first short documentary film, My Name Was January directed by Elina Gress and Lenee Son, picked up 14 awards and garnered an amazing 66 official selections at film festivals around the world in 11 countries. Alex was the producer and Vinay did some graphic design work including designing the official poster on My Name Was January.

Sher Vancouver’s debut feature documentary, Emergence: Out of the Shadows, was directed by Vinay Giridhar and produced by Alex Sanght. It garnered 50 official selections at established film festivals including an Academy Award (Out On Film in Atlanta), BAFTA (Frameline in San Francisco), and five Canadian Screen Award qualifying festivals including the Vancouver International South Asian Film Festival, Vancouver Asian Film Festival, Vancouver Queer Film Festival, Reelworld Film Festival in Toronto, and the NorthwestFest International Documentary Festival in Edmonton. The film was picked up by three television broadcasters in Canada. They are TVO, Knowledge Network, and OUTtv.

Both My Name Was January and Emergence: Out of the Shadows qualified and entered the Canadian Screen Awards!

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