(In Development)

I, Migrant captures the real, true, and authentic stories of the South Asian lived experience of immigrants from India to Canada.  It follows the South Asian immigrant journey of a select cast and documents their adjustment and settlement primarily in Metro Vancouver, British Columbia in real-time as it happens.  This is done within the context of their Indian origins and roots and the South Asian diaspora in their adopted homeland.


Sher Films is producing a feature documentary that will tell the stories of people immigrating from India to Canada, both in the past and the present. The filmmakers will have full access to the personal stories of the cast members, including why they are leaving India and their hopes and dreams of immigrating to Canada. Through these stories, we hope to provide audiences with insights into the material and emotional challenges, motivations, and outcomes of Indians immigrating to Canada. The filmmakers will be interviewing many people for this documentary, several of whom we will follow in more depth in India, prior to departure, and through their first year in Canada. The film will showcase the diversity of all kinds and all life experiences.  I, Migrant will capture and document real, true, authentic, unique, and impactful stories of the immigrant experience.


Humans like birds and animals have roamed the earth since the dawn of time before the land was divided into territories and nations.  Migrants are those who migrate from the corner of the earth where they were born to another in search of food, water, and shelter. If the migrant intends to create better-living conditions for themselves, they are called immigrants. But people who are driven out of their birth country due to persecution, war, famine, or natural disasters seeking refuge where they feel safe are termed, refugees.

Most of the people born and bred in this land assume they know what an immigrant is. A lot of them believe immigrants are a burden to society. They think immigrants steal jobs, abuse public resources, and even take away the rights of the native population. For this reason, immigrants are often viewed with hate, and suspicion and as the root of all ills in society. These extreme feelings in the majority population are strong enough to move the political needle and even bring down governments.

Immigrants are often helpless and prone to exploitation, assault, and mental, physical, and financial abuse since they are often scared to approach authorities or people of power.  As an immigrant to Canada and a filmmaker, I believe it is the right time to tell the story of immigrants, and really dissect the idea of immigration.